150319 Crayon Pop arrives in Austin, Texas

Crayon Pop has arrived in Austin Texas. Included is a short fanaccount by @mesolovely1004.

Having seen that Crayon Pop left Korea at 9:30pm, we estimated the time of their arrival.

So we got the airport 20 minutes before they arrived we brought them some simple gifts a Texas shirt and snacks.

The first one to arrive were Ellin and Soyul. We approached them and greeted them and gave them our gifts. They happily took them!

My friend and I asked them for their autograph and they signed my cd!!! Soyul was so cute cause she really wanted to write my name right!

At first she thought I said a instead of r but it was so cute cause she was trying to fix it!! I kept telling her that it was ok!!

The rest of the members were taking their time to get down so we decided to leave but I completely forgot to hand over a gift!!!

So we ran back and Way and Choa were there so I greeted them and asked them to sign my cd!!

I was so excited that I forgot I had Way’s gift but I was trying to give it to Choa!!! Choa pointed at Way and she happily took the gift!!

We left right after that cause we knew they were tired and we didn’t wanted to bother them so we said bye and left.

I saw Geummi when she came down the stairs but we kind of lost her…

Credit: @mesolovely1004