150226 Will Crayon Pop and EXID’s comebacks be able to live up to the hype

Additional details include being both their comeback title songs will be composed by Shinsadong Tiger.

Both will have comebacks in March. They’re being compared because Crayon Pop is expected to live up to their ‘Bar Bar Bar’ syndrome and EXID is expected to live up to their ‘Up & Down’ fame. Both are also five membered groups who debuted around the same time.

1. [+1,038, -79] Crayon Pop, first of all, lacks any vocal talent..

2. [+976, -103] I think EXID will do good with their next song

3. [+869, -76] Personally think EXID will win

4. [+789, -63] Crayon Pop can’t sing, they don’t stand a chance

5. [+701, -100] Crayon Pop’s fame was just a flash in the pan, EXID will be the one to continue forward

6. [+75, -5] I personally found ‘Up & Down’ addictive but I do think that the erotic dance also had something to do with the fame. Still, EXID is musically talented so they will do well with their next album whereas Crayon Pop has to rely entirely on finding a song as addictive as ‘Bar Bar Bar’…

7. [+67, -9] Crayon Pop ㅋㅋㅋ there’s just nothing feminine about them even though they’re a girl group

8. [+61, -5] No one even recognizes Crayon Pop without their helmets

9. [+63, -9] Crayon Pop’s over. They’re just plastic surgery monsters with no singing talent, it’s hopeless. They got famous for ‘Bar Bar Bar’ sure but they haven’t been able to live up to it since.

10. [+61, -15] EXID cannot be compared to Crayon Pop, they are far above them already in terms of skills and looks

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Source: DongA