150222 Way’s Message on WAYLAND cafe Translated

Way posted on the WAYLAND cafe at approximately 2:50am KST, and proceeded to having an online chat session with fans for more than 2 hours.
Update (23 Feb 2015): A short summary of the chat

  • Way currently has no religion
  • Way is currently 45kg.
  • Way has gotten 2255 won for the “Let Me Know” copyright to date.
  • Way doesn’t play League Of Legends.
  • Way has no real hobbies.
  • The comeback album has another of her self-composed song (which has been in store for a while)
  • She likes to watch movies at a movie theater near their place.
  • Last movie she watched was “Ode to My Father”.
  • Every Crayon Pop member except Ellin has a driving license
  • Way was 21 when she got her license
  • Geummi ate up her Tiba chicken.
  • The Strawberry Milk costume was bought by Choa at Dongdaemun for 20,000 won, but they were ripped off
  • There is no Tiba chicken outlet near their residence, so they have to eat it when they go to their friend’s place
  • The March comeback costume is made by Lydia. It is neither a track suit, nor ramie clothes. The costume looks pretty.
  • The comeback album will either be a mini or full album, which has not been decided yet.

Hullo Hullo everyone
Way is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I miss you guys.

What are you all doing?

And should we would talk about??
I’d like to chat
Okay …? ^^

안냥안냥 여러분
보고싶어요 다들..


우리 얘기하까요??
나 채팅 하고싶은데

About 30 minutes later, she posted another post titled “How about^^” and switched to the official Daum fancafe to chat with fans, and chatted with them till slightly after 5am KST. Full chat transcripts can be obtained here and here.

Source: Wayland 1, Wayland 2