150219 Choa’s Message on Daum Fancafe Translated

Choa posted on the Daum fancafe twice, first with a post titled “New Year first”, which is also the title of a Korean children song, and a second post “Courier came~!” with a picture saying the contents are for “Aged one year old”

Just today!!!
Everyone~ Did you celebrate the new year’s well??
I’m with relatives!
It’s been a while since I ate such delicious food. So happy
Have you had rice cake soup yet?? I ate it already
So I’m 26 years old this year!!!
It’s good that I’m getting older like this
As time goes by I get happier as well! Hehe
I’ll always be with my fans of course!! Haha
This photograph was taken as a morning selca with my first nephew cutie EunChae^^…
It was even before washing [up in the morning].. I’ll only reveal this to our fans..;
To everyone reading this, for the year 2015
That you will be healthy and have all good things come to you~♡ Thank you. I love you!

바로 오늘입니다!!!
여러분~ 상쾌한 설날 잘 맞이하셨나요??
저도 친척들과 함께 하고 있어요!
오랜만에 맛있는 음식 많이 먹어 행복해요
다들 떡국 드셨나요?? 저두 먹었어용
저 벌써 올해 26살이 되었다는거!!!
저는 이렇게 나이 먹는게 참 좋아요
세월이 흐를수록 제행복지수도 오르는것같아요! ㅎㅎ
거기엔 물론 우리 팬들이 늘 함께 하고 있다는거!! 하핫
사진은 제 첫 조카 기요미 은채와 함께한 오늘아침 모닝셀카 입니다^^…
세수도 하기전 이라는건.. 우리팬분들한케만 살짝쿵 털어놓을게요..;
이 글을 읽는 모든 분들 2015년엔
모두 건강하시고 더욱 좋은일들만 가득하세요~♡감사합니다 사랑합니다!


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