150213 Crayon Pop’s Facebook Translated

Soyul posted a similar picture she had previously posted on her personal Instagram on Facebook with a slightly different message.

It’s been a while!!!
Lately I have been posting on Insta instead of Facebook…
How have you been?
Miss Yul…:kiss:
Love Yul
Miss you Becareful of the cold
-Sincerely Soyul-

요새 인스타하느라 페북을 못했구만…
보고프다 감기조심

Source: Facebook

  • apieth

    I’m fine and Missing Yul ^^

  • So Yul


  • alex

    soyul get on dream team again…i think i liked all soyul win in dream team. One of reason i liked soyul. Her singing …not much. her dancing and acting is better, She should get in kdrama lead actress. Kdrama acting depends on script and direction. Park shin hye was aweful in heirs. so its also direction and script issue.