150213 Crayon Pop becomes monomola’s spokesperson + Chinese agency signed

Following PanPan and Long Maiji’s endorsements, monomola (魔丽彩/모리채) is welcoming a new group as a spokesperson! On 12 Feb, representing Korea’s new idol generation, Crayon Pop has signed a contract in Korea with monomola’s Lee Xiangmei to be their newest spokesperson! At the same time, monomola’s subsidary, Jin Meila (金美啦/진메이라 ), a celebrity agency has also signed with them as their Chinese agency! Crayon Pop members youthful and fashionable vibe matches well with monomola’s brand and vision! Signing this contract is a cosmic collision between Hallyu cosmetics and Hallyu stars, with monomola’s new spokesperson will bring forth Hallyu lifestyle and Korean cosmetics to everyone! Passion is of utmost importance for youthfulness, and passion will never fade away!


Signing ceremony between monomola and Crayon Pop’s agency


Crayon Pop’s cuteness is explosive! Even while communicating with the big boss, they also never fail to be cute! While taking pictures with them, they had endless poses, such as V signs, mouth pouting, hand hearts, etc. He was smitten!


monomola’s big boss, Zhao Cheng together with Korean girl group, Crayon Pop

monomola’s big boss, Zhao Cheng’s impression of Crayon Pop is their youthful appearance, and their unique performance flair. Choosing Crayon Pop as a spokesperson, is due to monomola’s advocating youth, passion, trendy, to which Crayon Pop’s appearance of youthful and energetic, and pure and innocent, filled with a child-like enthusiasm, matches perfectly!

Crayon Pop released a single, ‘Bar Bar Bar’ on 20 June 2013 which spread across the globe like wild fire! The level of viral-ness matches that of the current viral “Little Apple”! It created a craze for people of all professions to ‘jump’!

Crayon Pop made it clear that monomola’s beliefs match very well with them, and shared the results of monomola’s lipstick, showcasing a girl’s freshness, beauty and sexiness-a lipstick that one wouldn’t want to remove! Putting on make up may be important, but to maintain it is even more important. A irremovable make up that lasts 24 hours is a dream every girl has.


Crayon Pop (크레용팝) debuted under Chrome Entertainment in 2012 as a 5 member Korean girl group, and is formed by Geummi, Ellin, Choa, Way and Soyul.


Crayon Pop’s member, Baek Boram, with stage name Geummi takes on a leadership and main dancer position in the group. With the nickname, “Crayon Pop’s natural vitamin”, she is filled with youth and energy, and with the Cherry Red Sira line lipstick, gives people energy!


Crayon Pop’s Kim Minyoung (Ellin) is a Korean female singer, and one of the members of Crayon Pop. With the nickname “Crayon Pop’s hidden card”, with the Sexy Red Sira line lipstick, she has the female charms that hook any men!


Crayon Pop member, Heo Minjin, Korean female singer and one of the members of Crayon Pop. Cute and fresh image makes her one of the new generation idol representatives! With the Lovely Peach Sira line, it gives a mild but fresh and natural look!


Crayon Pop member, Huh Minsun, Korean female and singer and one of the members of Crayon Pop. Cute yet sexy, she has many passionate male fans. With the Rose Pink Sira line, it gives her face even more allure!


Crayon Pop member, Park Hyekyeong, Korean female singer and one of the members of Crayon Pop. With a sweet smile that gives others warmth, like the Sweet Orange Sira line, it gives that sweet and warmth feeling!


In the future, monomola will become as well known as Crayon Pop. Since last year with the opening of one store, there are currently 3 stores in Seoul’s Myeondong! Physical stores will keep increasing, for monomola to capture the market of Korea!




Korean girl group Crayon Pop will also be appearing on Changsa Hunan TV’s “Day Day Up” soon! In the future, Crayon Pop will become more and more popular in China! monomola’s products will welcome 2015 with Crayon Pop as a Korean cosmetic fashion trend, bringing to all those who love beauty a new and unique cosmetic experience!

Source: Weibo