150208 Chrome-In Chapter 9

Chrome has released the 9th chapter of Chrome-In. In the 1st part, we follow up on Crayon Pop’s Hallyu Star Traces filming, followed by a behind the stage episode at the Sino-Korea Cultural Exchange Night. We then move on to seeing one of Zan Zan’s performances. In the 3rd part, we see Ellin practicing on an IOhawk, which she previously mentioned on Instagram. We then cut to scenes of the twins acting like kids.

  • NeonMoon

    Bob Girls missing in action since last episode too???…hiatus???

    • Taylor Simon

      I think CEO Hwang had BG go on hiatus, until Yujeong returned from doing that filming thing in China. She finished filming Feb. 1st.

  • Berzerius

    Was that a bagel joke?

  • Berzerius

    LoL Choppada is everywhere

  • numetal_militia

    Man, that last part with Ellin learning to ride the board thingy had me blasting.

  • sas

    Nice to hear a couple measures of iu and seo taiji’s sogyeokdong. One of the best of the past year.

  • Ellin was annoyed. No one helped her to get up and were laughing after her fall.
    I’m wept for my beautiful Angel of Violence. T_T 엘린 화이팅 ~~♥

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      Yeah, I was surprised that she didn’t let her “punches come flying out.” I thought, “help her up and stop laughing, or she’ll beat your ass!”