150201 Way’s Instagram Translated

Beijing, Changsa schedule has all ended!!!!!!Really thank you for the hard workㅠ.ㅠ Thank you so much to the fans who came to cheer for us throughout our schedules from the airport onwards! 我爱你们~~ #Sanxia #CrayonPop #Collaborate #123Happynewyear #Way #WeiYining #ChenXiao #DTboys

베이징 창사 일정 모두 끝!!!!!!정말 수고 많았어요ㅠ.ㅠ 공항부터 스케줄 내내 응원와준 팬들 너무 고마워요! 워아니먼~~ #싼샤오 #크레용팝 #콜라보 #123Happynewyear #웨이 #위이닝 #첸샤오 #DTboys

*我爱你们 means ‘I love you all’ in Chinese.
Source: Instagram

  • Craycraypop~

    I know this has nothing to do with way, but I miss CEO updates on Instagram.

    • NeonMoon

      yeah..especially we would like to know when is CP’s comeback…are they still doing a collaboration with STiger????..hear all kind of rumors about that…not another setback????..why not just launch the full album as planned last October, they must have completed that…look forward to a BIG 2015 for CP…so many groups are making comebacks…so whatzup???

      • Craycraypop~

        Exactly! I wonder when they are going to start releasing teasers.
        It makes me really nervous when I see how many comebacks groups are releasing this February.

      • It is expensive to come back, so just slapping together whatever they had and hoping it will be a commercial success is foolhardy. They were not satisfied with STiger’s song but that doesn’t mean they canceled their collaboration. It just means the song needs to be rewritten or edited. Our current estimate for the comeback still remains as late March, early April 2015.

    • PopjusshiG

      I’m glad he’s not updating anymore, it was a constant source of things that never came to fruition. Much less aggravation not knowing.