• Nice!!!

  • apieth

    Thanks for sharing ^^
    Reading this makes me recall my airport experience..
    That akward moment when you already practice some korean words but can’t apply it when you met them because of starstruck hahaha.. It’s geummi who react for the weather in indonesia, and way for beijing.

    I dunno for the other idols, but “Foods” are the first in my mind to be prepared for Crayon Pop hahaha. I love to watch them eat ^^

    Ah~ i miss them so much
    I hope they can came again this year to indonesia.
    I love Crayon Pop ^^

  • Green Sea

    Great! Thanks! 辛苦了!

  • CP Ranger

    That was an amazing fan account. Thank you for sharing and for the English translation, too! It’s always fun when we share our experiences in supporting Crayon Pop. ^_^