150127 Choa’s Message on Daum Fancafe Translated

Choa posted on the Daum fancafe with a post titled ‘Everyone>.<!’

This is Minjin
Choa Choa Hehehe
It’s Tuesday evening!!!
The weekend is still a long way away.
Let’s send off the tough today away
Our fans who are going through difficult days are awesome♡♡♡
I had a song recording today
I want to quickly have activities to show our fans~~~!!!!
Those who haven’t eaten dinner, please look after yourselves!
These days I only think that health is the most important thing
Though I really don’t drink water.
I’m trying hard to drink lots of water!
Our fans, take care of your health!!
I hope everyone ends the day well~♡
I love you^_^!!!

Today’s song recommendation
Jason mras-93 million miles

초아초아 ㅎㅎㅎ
화요일 저녁입니당!!!
아직 주말이 오려면 멀었지만
오늘도 고단한 하루를 보내신
우리 팬분들 멋지십니다♡♡♡
저는 오늘 녹음을 했어용
빨리 팬분들한테 활동하는 모습 보여드리고싶당당당~~~!!!!
저녁 안드신분 꼭 챙겨드세요!
요샌 정말 건강이 최고라는 생각뿐이에요
제가 물을 진짜 안먹는데.
물 많이 먹으려고 엄청 노력중이에요!
우리 팬분들도 건강 잘챙기세요!!
오늘 하루 잘 마무리 하깅~♡

오늘의 추천곡
Jason mras-93 million miles

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  • alex

    I only know crayon pop existed 3 days ago. I am fan of all the 5 characters. I am more fan of guemmi and soyul ( her wrestling impressed me so much) . I will root for soyul because of that. Guemmi for her noona care on rest of the 4 people. Twins for their brilliant charms in crayonpop tv. Ellin got all smile..she should be getting roles in drama.