150124 Chrome-In Chapter 8

Chrome has released the 8th chapter of Chrome-In. For part 1 of this episode, they show some scenes during the making of the “123 Happy New Year“‘s MV. In part 2, K-Much spends their 1 year anniversary with their fans at Chrome Entertainment and for a photoshoot. Finally, in part 3, we see scenes of Crayon Pop’s filming of Youku’s “Hallyu Star Traces“.

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    You’re now entering the Elgu Zone…

    • PopjusshiG

      That was hilarious! The girls seemed in a very jovial mood the whole time. I loved when they where freezing outside and the director said ok finally, and zoom they where gone.

      • apieth

        Yongpop runs hahaha

    • “Shing… SHING!”

    • poppincrayon

      Nothing prepared them for the relentless teasing of Crayon Pop. XD This whole episode was fantastic.

  • Kid-Simple

    They look so gorgeous i don’t even need subs! I’m still curious what Gummi said about Wolmido and Crayon Pop TV at 11:15 tho, lol.