150119 Soyul on Moon Heejoon’s ‘Shopperman’

Soyul made a guest appearance on KBS W’s ‘Shopperman’, where she helped Moon Heejoon in his quest to search for the latest craze in Korea, honey butter chips. Check out the video below (her part appears around 6:59)!

Source: Honest News

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    Leave it to Soyul, with her vast connections to organized crime, to hook you up. :-p

    • numetal_militia

      Or at least, organized convinience stores.

  • apieth

    Soyul the queen of snacks :p

  • Question: ‘Honest News’ is a comedy/satirical news site right? I mean, there’s no such thing as honest news in the world, if u know I mean haha~ ^^

    • numetal_militia

      And even less in Korea, for what i’ve heard.