150101 Crayon Pop’s Twitter Translated

Geummi sent us fans a new year greeting on Twitter.

Our fans^.^* Did you spend today’s holiday happily? Thank you sincerely for showing your love and interest for the past year>.< This year we’ll see everyone through a cool album, so please look forward to it :kissing_heart: ❤️ Happy new year geummi

우리 팬분들^.^*오늘 하루 행복한 휴일 잘 보냈나요? 지난한해 동안 많은 사랑과 관심 주셔서 정말 진심으로 감사하단말 전하고 싶어요>.< 올해엔 좋은 앨범으로 멋지게 여러분들 찾아 뵐테니 기다려주세요:kissing_heart: ❤️그럼 새해 복 많이많이 받으세요geummi

Source: Twitter

  • robertrickett

    Guemmi says, “look forward to a cool album this year”. If Guemmi says it, I believe it. It’s impossible not to believe Guemmi. This is encouraging news, I hope their planning on releasing it during the first part of the year.