141227 Choa & Soyul on Nexon Bubble Fighter Game Talk Show

On 27 Dec 2014 at 2pm KST, there will be a live stream of Choa and Soyul on Nexon’s Bubble Fighter Show. Choa and Soyul took turns playing Bubble Fighter against the computer AI and finally against a player. Unfortunately they lost most of their matches and had to give their food to a guy.

Watch a preview here.

  • wow Daebak, it’s shown on ESportsTV.. i totally lost touch with eSports after MBCgame & OnGameNet Starleagues (StarCraft Broodwar Progaming) died 2-3 years ago..
    btw, here is another preview…
    (0:18 there’s an error, ChoA’s name ‘μ΄ˆμ•„’ is shown beside Way’s photo haha! ^^)

    • Oho! You’re here too, Tin! πŸ™‚

      • Of course, I followed the White Rabbit, remember? πŸ™‚ I replied u on Youtube about where to find those clips but no reply from u lol~

        • I already answered. πŸ™‚ Thank you, “Neo”. kekekeke

  • apieth

    I doubt choa can win..
    Suppose to be Soyul vs Ellin

  • robertrickett

    I think it will be an interesting match up. Bubble fighting seems to rely on three things: Leg strength, cunning, and determination. I think Choa has the leg strength and has been getting a lot of exercise with O,K. promotions. Soyul has extreem determination and seems to always find a way to win. The advantage is to Soyul, but I think Choa will be a surprise. Who do you think Ellin is rooting for?

  • Dat cute batlle! β™₯

  • ren1507

    Maybe Soyul had some time to flashback her old time. That was some character of Kart-Rider :3

  • Kid-Simple

    Super cute girls playing with computers and doing cosplay? I could watch this all day, seriously…