141222 Crayon Pop on Hanlove

Crayon Pop appeared on Japanese show, Hanlove where the other members would give an answer quickly that best represents the member within 3 seconds.

  • Sakurai

    well, Crayon Pop Me Subs, i can ask you a big favor?!

    • dayana barradas

      kkkk i say the same.

    • Kid-Simple

      yay, something i can actually help with 🙂

  • Neuralcircuit

    I’m gonna need some translation with this one ..

    • GBuster

      Relax, CPSS will have it out in time.

  • Yesterday, The Ellin Show (Sumo-Wrestling Edition) & Late Show with Ellin (Food edition).
    Today, The Ellin Show (Laughing Edition)

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      Yeah, I was going to kick start the translation process:
      Elgu: Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

  • I think I heard them call Ellin dumb and had no aegyo. lolol

    • apieth

      Lol.. Thx donnie ^^
      I curious about geummi & ellin.. Must be funny

  • So… Shiny… O.O