141221 Ellin’s Instagram Translated

Ellin is referring to how her name is on Naver’s search ranks list. She was trending at #1 for an hour, but is still at #5 a few hours later.

Still on the search ranks… Fascinating…:) Have you eaten!?

계속 실검이네요… 신기하당…:) 다들 맛있는 식사하셨나요!?

Source: Instagram

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Feels unreal, and sometimes real, but you’re not real~*
진짜아닌 진짜같은 진짜아닌 너~

*Ellin changed the lyrics of SoYou & JunggiGo’s ‘Some‘ (feels like you’re mine, it seems like you’re mine but not).

Source: Instagram

  • whats happening in this world!!! haha daebak ellin-unni!

    • numetal_militia

      Dude! “Unnie” is an expresion used exclusively for girl-to-girl referendum. Men aren’t meant to use words like Unnie or Oppa. That is if you are a guy, based on your avatar. The way to adress a woman in korea from a guy would be “Noona”, but only if she is older than you… I don’t know how to call them if they are your same age or younger 🙂

      • wow thanks militia for correcting me 🙂 now i know.

  • Why or what made ‘Ellin’ top trending? LG Dream Team 2??

    • apieth

      Probably because of her weight is exposed..
      Girl group’s weight is treasure :p

    • CP Ranger

      Maybe also because the new Chrome People episode with her eating came out so close together with the LGDT episode. It’s like she went from a physically demanding show to one where she got to eat to recover her strength. (Even though they were filmed months apart) 🙂
      Or maybe, like apieth said, her weight was exposed in LGDT and then her credit card signature was exposed in Chrome People. :O

    • Neuralcircuit

      Like apieth said, it’s because during dream team Ellin’s weight was shown to be 46 kg and Uji’s weight (her opponent) was 52kg. The game ended without a clear winner, because Ellin’s lesser weight she won that round of Sireum. Usually girls weights are a big secret..

  • robertrickett

    I’m really happy for her, it’s about time Ellin received her due. She was Crayon Pop’s hero. The Bestie girls threw her and Soyul around like rag dolls, but couldn’t beat ’em Ellen made some good throws and never lost, even when her knees folded she pulled it out. Ellin was a beast. But, Dream Team hasn’t seen nothing yet; wait tell Way joins.

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      The twins are a bit…top heavy…for razzlin’.

      • numetal_militia

        Hehe… We-ji

      • robertrickett

        You may be right, that is one of her charms. The reason I mentioned
        Way is: she is the Chicken Fight champion among the girls, proving she
        has great balance and cunning, among her other pleasing assets. So I think she would be a serious threat. Still, I liked your response.