141221 Crayon Pop’s Geummi, Ellin and Soyul on Dream Team

On 21 Dec 2014, the 261st Dream Team episode that was recorded on 12 Oct 2014 aired on KBS2. Other girl groups that appeared on the show include Bestie (UJi, Dahye & Hyeyeon), Secret (Hyoseong, Jieun & Hana), Dal Shabet (GaEun, Serri & Jiyul), After School (Raina, Lizzy & Kaeun), Baek Ah Yeon and Miss A (Fei & Min). According to Nielsen, this episode managed to pull in a 6.2% viewership.

Watch it below!

  • O.O Can’t wait!!!

  • NeonMoon

    what an awesome comeback..carrying >3 kg. wt difference..just shear GUTS!
    CP’s just unbeatable…

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    Ellin did better than I expected, go Elgu!

    • PopjusshiG

      You got your wish, ep5 just dropped and guess who’s chowing down.

  • Delyn Keun

    Crayon Pop convinced PD to add weight tiebreaker rule so they can fat shame other groups

    • Neuralcircuit

      Same rules as for the boy idols wrestling match the previous week. (Let’s Go! Dream Team II | 출발드림팀 II : Idol Wrestling Championship (2014.12.11))

  • GBuster


  • popjusshi syndrome

    very sad watching soyul, she looks so tired..lucky ellin done her job very well..she is crayonpop’s hidden card indeed

  • PopjusshiG

    It surprises me that Geummi isn’t better at this as powerful as she is. El-Gu played her hidden card, she was great! What can I say but Soyul the slayer, awesome!

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      Popjusshi chants from a previous episode: “Hooray for Gummi’s strong thighs!” Maybe she’s such a sweetheart that she lacks the drive to win…

  • SoYul

    The Dynasty Continues!

  • Neuralcircuit

    Everyone got so excited. Ellin did really great. Soyul looked tired but still did well. Geummi really needs to start training. Well, they are all trying to beat CP now..

  • subtitle? english… 🙂

    • KBS subs it. It usually takes 3 weeks for them to release it.

  • eric

    Well done Crayon Pop……indeed Ellin was a surprise packet, Soyul well she is like a terrier once they get their teeth in to you they never let go,although I am still worried about her constant bruising since April 2014 seems to be every time I see her she has bruises on her arms.
    Well, Geummi she is the biggest but maybe this type of wrestling doesn’t favour her body shape or maybe she feels a little disorientated, just unusual to see her go down like that repeatedly.

  • Ellin is the MVP for sure, no wonder her name top Naver search.. 🙂