141221 [CHROME-IN] Chrome Specialty Magazine [Chrome People] Chapter 5

Chrome has released the 5th chapter of [CHROME-IN] Chrome Specialty Magazine [Chrome People].

Remember to tune into next week for Ellin will be playing PC games on camera!

  • Stan Baker

    As much of a fan of CPTV as I was, I wasn’t sure about Chrome-In. Now I’m hooked on these visits with the Chrome family. And I speak as someone whose mind may somehow resist knowledge of additional languages.

    I wish a very merry Christmas to our Chrome family, and to the CP.me crew whose dedication and dilligence brings their antics to the world.

  • tips: 19:05 onwards, do NOT watch Ellin’s food segment near supper/sleeping time! =P

  • Neuralcircuit

    I miss CPTV a lot. I just watched the last part cause Ellin’s in it. She’s funny as always, but I like to see new CP videos with all CP members together.

  • GBuster

    Dat moment with Elgu at the 23:52 mark. Pay attention to the song and what she is doing…