141219 Strawberry Milk & Ellin at Gimpo Airport

Strawberry Milk will be holding a showcase in Japan on 19 Dec 2014. They, along with Bob Girls’ Jina, Dahye and Danbi were at Gimpo airport at approximately 7am for their flight to Japan. Dahye and Danbi arrived and went through security first before Choa, Way, Ellin and Jina arrived. Ellin who showed up at the airport too as mentioned in her Instagram the previous day, made fans question her purpose of going. Way allegedly said she was going to Japan for shopping, but that might just be an excuse for some secret performance Ellin might have. This is in consideration of her previously covering Strawberry Milk’s ‘OK’¬†and talking about collaborative performances with Bob Girls. Yujeong is not participating in this Japanese showcase due to her press conference at the Han River later in the evening¬†for the Sino-Korean collaborative movie ‘Hero’ she is starring in.

Source: K-StarHK