141218 Ellin’s Instagram Translated

Will Ellin be joining Bob Girls as a Yujeong stand-in since Yujeong would not be in Japan for tomorrow’s Strawberry Milk showcase?

Warm in Tokyo…
Finally tomorrow..:) #Tokyo #Japan #WantToTravel
도쿄는 따뜻하다…
내일 드디어..:) #도쿄 #일본 #여행가고파

Source: Instagram

  • Kid-Simple

    Didn’t know they had stand-ins! Will we see Jina in Soyul’s place one day?

  • apieth

    Sexy part.. Kekeke

  • Damn! why i not born Japanese !?

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    Is there official word that Yujeong isn’t going to Japan? Is she sick?

    • h4iumb1

      She is/was in China for the last couple of days, filming a movie.

  • that’s right.. look closer… Ellin is wearing shoes from ”Back to the Future 2” 😛

  • WMoksg

    Right, isn’t that’s what a “Hidden Card” is for ? Quite unfortunately Bob Girls lacked one, lol, so yeah should they play it, i’ve no doubt that Ellin will be the best for the job.