141214 Crayon Pop’s Twitter Translated


[ChoA★] Everyone~ Did you have a nice end to your weekend? Today my classmates and I had #TibaTwomariChicken!! Really totally deliciousㅠㅠPersonally I will recommend the Cheese Snow Queen, Garlic Soy Sauce Chicken….. Good Good GoodㅠㅠThe pictures were decorated by meㅋGoodbye^^*

[ChoA★]여러분~ 주말 잘 마무리하셨나요?전 오늘 학교 친구들과 #티바두마리치킨 먹었어요!!진짜 완전 꿀맛ㅠㅠ개인적으로 치즈스노우퀸, 마늘간장치킨 추천함다….. 굿굿굿ㅠㅠ사진은 제가 꾸민고에요ㅋ굿밤^^*

Source: Twitter