141214 Crayon Pop on Dream Team Preview

After a long wait, the Girl Group Wrestling Contest episode (that was recorded on 12 Oct 2014) starring Crayon Pop’s Geummi, Ellin and Soyul will be airing next week on 21 Dec 2014. Other girl groups include Bestie (UJi, Dahye & Hyeyeon), Secret (Hyoseong, Jieun & Hana), Dal Shabet (GaEun, Serri & Jiyul), After School (Raina, Lizzy & Kaeun), Baek Ah Yeon and Miss A (Fei & Min). We will update the site with a post with live streaming links nearer the date.

Enjoy the preview below (although in the preview, the Crayon Pop members lost every match…)!