141214 Crayon Pop on Dream Team Preview

After a long wait, the Girl Group Wrestling Contest episode (that was recorded on 12 Oct 2014) starring Crayon Pop’s Geummi, Ellin and Soyul will be airing next week on 21 Dec 2014. Other girl groups include Bestie (UJi, Dahye & Hyeyeon), Secret (Hyoseong, Jieun & Hana), Dal Shabet (GaEun, Serri & Jiyul), After School (Raina, Lizzy & Kaeun), Baek Ah Yeon and Miss A (Fei & Min). We will update the site with a post with live streaming links nearer the date.

Enjoy the preview below (although in the preview, the Crayon Pop members lost every match…)!

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    Well Crayon Pop was won…two? three? times in a row, so they’re the team to beat. If they’re shown in the teaser as dominating everyone else people might not tune in, thinking that Crayon Pop will coast to yet another victory.

    • Donnie G

      I like this reasoning.

    • I hope you’re right.

      At least I can root for Lizzy if Crayon Pop has an unlikely epic failure.

      • exactly what i was thinking! go Lizzy! Eh.. I mean YongPop! :))

    • zombeck

      That’s what I thought too. Makes the show much more compelling when they show the champions facing some defeat. Makes us want to see the result even more!

  • apieth

    Would be bored if they easily win again…
    Soyul already wins 3 times in a row.. Strong Thug
    Hope next week is a Good match ^^

    • NeonMoon

      Well, they did not win EASILY, it takes guts, determinations, quickness, skills and some luck..especially for hot little pepper, Soyul…size is not everything..she’s a warrior

      • apieth

        Soyul’s Mom raise her to be strong thug :p

  • NeonMoon

    looking forward to the games…win or lose doesn’t matter..curious how Elgu did?? maybe she’s the hidden card???..lol

    • apieth

      El-Gu never lose during mud wrestling
      But i hope she can entertain us ^^

  • Cpsoyul

    Eventhough I hope Crayon Pop to win but this time the competition is quite tough. I think they just doesn’t want to show that Crayon Pop win because maybe less people will watch because they always win. Just hope they enjoy and mix around with other girl groups.

  • Drakis07

    Well it will be very hard for me to choose who to cheer for because i’m not just a pop-jhussi i’m also a Say A too (Miss A is my third favorite k-pop group), but i hope that both Crayon pop and Miss A do well.

  • robertrickett

    Looks like Soyul is hugging Serri of Del Shabet. Serri has lost to
    Crayon Pop three times in a row. She is a formative opponent and
    motivated, I wonder what happened. Del Shabet beware; Yong Pop has a
    thug, a super mom, a hidden card and Soyul likes to win.

  • BESTie! Hwaiting!

  • CP hwaiting!!

    what ep is this?