141214 [CHROME-IN] Chrome Specialty Magazine [Chrome People] Chapter 4

Chrome has released the 4th chapter of [CHROME-IN] Chrome Specialty Magazine [Chrome People].

  • PopjusshiG

    Can someone tell me why Geummi was not wearing a seat belt? I don’t get it! It seems very hypocritical tell people to wear helmets, then hop in a van and take off. A woman I work with was just saved major injuries just last week by wearing a seat belt.

    • apieth

      I think it’s okay to not wear seat belt while traveling in town..(normal speed, less accident).
      Back seat passenger didn’t wear seat belt in indonesia.
      But they better wearing seat belts when traveling on high way..

      • WilliamBlake

        I guess you haven’t seen the kind of injuries even “slow speed” car accidents can result in then? A crash at 40km/h is like falling from a two storey building onto concrete, if you don’t wear a seatbelt. Nothing okay about that, imo. If people paid more attention to physics in school, everybody would be wearing seatbelts all the time. Really, it’s simple physics, people: http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/carcr2.html

        • apieth

          I’ve got in accident twice

          • PopjusshiG

            All that means is that you have been lucky. Maybe you should play the lottery.

          • apieth

            I think i was lucky..
            But when i go to casino, i lost all of my money..
            Count that :p

      • PopjusshiG

        I will politely disagree with you.( Please refer to William Blake’s response.)

      • NeonMoon

        Its never OK!!..always click on your seatbelts..that’s what saved me when another car at high speed rear-ended me when stopped at red light in an intersection…Indonesia should change the law to protect passengers especially children..accident happens when you least expect it..better to be safe than sorry!!!

        • Taylor Simon

          You are acting like someone not wearing a seatbelt in Korea is rare. It’s not! Before the Ladies Code accident, nobody cared about seat belts.

    • deja vu.. i typed the same comment on episode 1 & 4 on the original vid.
      (ep1, ChoA & Way slept in the van w/o seatbelts too..)
      ”Please fasten your seat belt. Thank you.
      (google translate: 안전 벨트를 매주십시오. 감사합니다.)”

    • GBuster

      Its a cultural problem.

  • Donnie G

    Yeah I noticed the lack of seat belts as well. Korean people just forget like my mom because it’s not typically worn. Geummi was also probably excited due to the camera and forgot.

    But on another note MAN SHE CAN EAT! She ate all that meat and then I thought she was going home but the next scene was a cafe for coffee and dessert. LOL

    • Godlon

      Thats the whole pizza that she ate. i like crayon pop because all them eat without worry their status and image. did you see the chump down the noodles? . even i didn’t eat that much in single swoop. lolz….and i am a guy..lol

  • Man, thats makes my day! ♥