141213 Crayon Pop Interview with Mexican TV

Crayon Pop’s short interview with Mexican TV was just released.

Crayon Pop Mexico has subbed the interview. Watch it here!

  • 40 Seconds + “integrante Crayon Pop” that’s why all the World thinks all the mexican are lazy. -_-;;

    • Donnie G


    • numetal_militia

      Qué vergüenza.

    • Jack_Dawson

      Es la entrevista más corta que he visto, como es posible que solo dure 30 segundos, debieron de haber planeado la entrevista, espero que Crayon Pop no se lleve una mala impresión de México.

    • translation please :))

      • numetal_militia

        “We´re here with the girls of Crayon Pop, one of the most significant K-pop groups in Korea (duh), Thank you very much, girls.
        There are many groups that take part of this so called korean wave. How dou you do to mantain the popularity that you’ve gained so far”.
        Then Soyul answers:
        ” We make an effort to keep communication with fans and try to have a good time at shows. That’s why we want to have many fans that love us.”

        Top notch periodism.

        • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

          Plainly, Soyul’s response was so epic that nothing further needed to be said. LOL Probably the rest of the girls thought, “we put on our stage outfits and make-up for this?”

      • Here You have.

        Sorry for my bad English. >__<

    • i think i got the joke now; 1 question & 1 answer keke~ 😛

  • “integrante Crayon Pop” !!! que porcaria ein!!

  • Thanks CrayonPopMe for sharing! n, n

  • apieth

    Thank you for the sub ^^