141212 Soyul’s Instagram Translated

I received letters yesterday. I was touched again.. It’s so grateful and joyful whenever someone congratulates and roots for me. Therefore, I am also going to root for someone as well. I will be shining brightly and as will you. Today’s recommendation song (Peppertones – Conquer the World) I am deeply moved, thank you. My loving fan

어제 편지들을 받았어 오랜만에 또 감동받은거 있지..
진심으로 누군가가 나를 축하해주고 응원해준다는건 정말 감사하고 행복한일이야
그래서 말이지 나도 그 누군가들을 응원할래
앞으로도 빛나는 소율이가 되고,
빛나는 그대들이될거야.
나에게 감동을줘서 고마워
나의 사랑하는 팬

Source: Instagram