141207 Crayon Pop’s Korean Music Wave Broadcast

The official performance broadcast of Crayon Pop at the Korean Music Wave in Beijing on 25 Oct 2014 has been aired by MBC where they performed a Chinese version of ‘Bar Bar Bar’.

  • NeonMoon

    When they said they were invited to perform at these big event..were they paid well???..the Chinese have the buying power, since they are the world’s #1 economy!

    • Probably a few thousand more than the usual performances they have in Korea.

      • NeonMoon

        do they get a prorata % of the gate too…I saw they also sell merchandises n albums…heck..read somewhere the Chinese are paying over $280K per episode of “Pinocchio” the latest K-drama…Big Bucks!..when they have over 2.5 billions Chinese…lol

        • aknite

          MBC hosted this event so they handled the finances which would have been likely a contracted flat rate for all artists; merchandising is a separate agreement and none of which we have concrete information on

  • 0:36 狮子调皮 = mischievous/naughty Lion
    0:39 龙灯神气 = deity breath of Dragon Dance
    (both Lion & Dragon are mystical creatures in Chinese culture)
    1:12 欢天喜地 = idiom for ‘very happy’, 恭喜恭喜 = Congrats! Congrats!
    1:16 大吉大利 = idiom for ‘happiness, luck & wealth’, 元宵烫呀 = Yuanxiao/Tangyuan (a kind of chinese food) is hot!
    正月十五 = 15th of the month
    超多惊喜 = full of (pleasant) surprises
    万事如意 = idiom for wishing someone ‘Good Luck’ or literally ‘May everything
    goes the way you wish for’ (this is usually used during Chinese Lunar
    New Year celebrations)