141207 CEO Hwang’s Instagram Translated

Update: CEO Hwang updated with an explanation.

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I didn’t offer an explanation. I am sorry. I’ve been thinking of getting rid of it due to the ambiguousness of the account.. I believe it’s right to share the member’s pictures and videos through the artists’ channels, not mine. There is no other reason.. please don’t misunderstand!

제가 설명이 없었네요 죄송합니다ㅠ 일단 계정 정체성이 애매한 상황이라 예전부터 정리하려 했습니다..멤버들의 사진,영상은 제 개인 인스타가 아닌 해당 아티스트 채널을 이용하여 공유 (인스타 안하시는 분들이 많아서)하는게 맞는것 같습니다. 다른 이유는 없구요.. 오해 없으셨으면 합니다!

For reasons unknown, CEO Hwang deleted all his previous Instagram posts, and left a message.

Bye Instagram!! Thanks to all the followers. Merry Christmas^^!!

인스타 안녕!! 그동안 팔로어 분들 감사했습니다. 행복한 크리스마스 되세요^^!!

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  • Donnie G

    I hope everything is well.

  • Taylor Simon

    I am still confused.

  • PopjusshiG


  • It makes sense to me. The CEO shouldn’t be drawing attention to their own account. You’re supposed to be a mysterious business person who is not in the front, but the back. The artists are the face, not the executives.

    Personally, though, I liked that he had his own account. It really made Chrome seem like a down to earth company, and not some evil distant megacorp. That’s one of the reasons I am their fan.

  • NeonMoon

    And now their Love Christmas MV is down…something’s fishy!