141206 Crayon Pop’s Twitter Translated


Today’s Shibuya concert was really fun♥︎ I felt again that our fans are the best. I love you!! Sleep well everyone>3<!!!!-Way-

오늘 시부야공연 정말 재밌었어요♥︎ 울팬들이 최고라는걸 다시한번 느꼈어요. 사랑해요!! 모두 잘자요>3<!!!!-웨이-

Source: Twitter

With the recent craze of honey butter chips in Korea, Way has received one from a Korean fan, Namping. Crayon Pop is currently in Japan for their Japanese mini-album launch. They have finished their Lalaport performance, and have 2 more mini-concerts later in the day.



#HoneyButterChips from Namping, it’s really delicious+_+ lalaport performance just now was really fun as well.♥︎ Let’s meet again at the next event. Bbyong! #Lulueyelash -Way-

남핑님께서 주신 #허니버터칩 진짜 맛있어용+_+ 방금 라라포트에서 공연도 너무 즐거웠습니당♥︎ 다음무대에서 또만나여 뿅! #루루아이래쉬 -웨이-

Source: Twitter