141206 Crayon Pop at Shibuya, Japan

Crayon Pop was at Tower Records Shibuya in Japan to promote their Japan mini-album, ‘POP! POP! POP!’. As it was indoors, they wore their school uniforms attires. Check out their ‘Bing Bing’ and ‘Bar Bar Bar’ below.

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    The nice thing about this gig is they didn’t even need to wear pants. 😛

    • NeonMoon

      must be facetious..Funny!..kinda low camera angle…lol..but thanks for the effort!

  • NeonMoon

    Nice crowd..but disappointed no Bbyong song performance…such an awesome song yet no MV…same goes to Strawberry Milk’s Feel So Good..why no MV promotions??? They are bonfire WINNERS!

    • aknite

      Likely no time to choreograph and practice for Bbyong and these events are focused on Crayon Pop’s minialbum. There’s a showcase for Strawberry Milk in the near future in Japan.

      • NeonMoon

        But..isn’t Bbyong song the first song in their mini-album..Surely they must have recorded it awhile ago and it’s the only new song..Strawberry Milk already launched choreography for Feel So Good..was awesome..hope they introduce it in Japan showcase…

  • Love it!

  • Sakurai

    Japanese people have the best presentations!!
    This need best fancams! T.T