141204 Strawberry Milk on Korean Star Entertainment News

The interview Strawberry Milk had with Chinese media ‘Korean Star Entertainment News’ has been released

  • translation: 4:31 ”a secret in their image/concept???”
    4:36 to 5:25 Way explains that it’s in fact a Dishwashing brush that they wear on their heads. At first she did not realise, but this Dishwashing brush is used in their company (Chrome Ent), domes, friend’s homes; and it cost only 500-1000 Korean Won (less than US$ 1.00). ChoA adds that it is a best-selling product. (Female voiceover: R u surprised? Way even removes it to do a live demonstration) Way jokes that after washing the dishes, just dry it under the sun & it’s ready to be worn.. Just attach the brush to a hairband & it’s done. Male host says if the viewers want to dress like Strawberry Milk, they can try buying this dishwashing brush. (Female voiceover: This is really a Dishwashing Brush. arrow points to Way’s head)

    • Wanna sub it for us? 🙂

      • My bad~ missed this reply. I don’t know Korean but I’m bilingual (Mandarin & English) so I just translated the chinese subs. Let me know how I can help/volunteer.