141205 CEO Hwang’s Instagram Translated

CEO Hwang shared some pictures of Japan, and one of them is having dinner together with Crayon Pop! He also hints at some of Crayon Pop’s usual escapades, the convenience store raid!

The caramel that YongPop recommended…!! That taste from my childhood!!

용팝이들이 강추한 캬라멜…!! 어릴적 그 맛!!

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Its out of focus? Attacking a midnight snack in front of a convenience store…

초점이 안맞았네? 편의점 앞 야식 습격중…

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So shakey ㅡㅡ
다 흔들렸다 ㅡㅡ

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Japan hotel has sense!!
일본 호텔의 센스!!

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The airport is well decorated..! #Christmas
공항 잘 꾸며 놨네..! #크리스마스

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  • PopjusshiG

    This would make for a great CPTV episode!
    Hint hint !

  • i miss tokyo.. i miss seoul.. why is it when i visted these 2 countries a few years back, there was no Crayon Pop.. (-_-)”’