141203 Strawberry Milk Fan Meeting

Strawberry Milk held their fan meeting at White Hall on 3 Dec 2014 at 7:30pm. In the 1 hour fan meet, the twins performed ‘OK’ and ‘Feel So Good’ and played games with fans. Choa and Way each chose 5 fans from the crowd to play a game of charades as competing teams. The fans had to guess with one of the twins acting out the term. Way’s team won, and the winning team’s fans were awarded a group picture with Way.

Update (5 Dec 2014): Also, there was an aegyo battle between the twins, and the winner will be decided by voting on the official Daum cafe here. The time stamp for the aegyo battle is at 15:09. The top option is for Choa, and the bottom option is for Way. If you haven’t signed up on the official cafe, check out our guide here. The voting ends on Christmas eve.

Update (26 Dec 2014): Way won the poll with 286 votes out of a total of 540 votes!

Source: K-StarHK욘 바인첼, Daum Fancafe

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    Charades, what a great idea!

  • To Admin: Article did not mention that they performed ‘Feels so Good’ so I’m not sure if this is a related fancam? It’s also dated 2014-12-03

    • aknite

      Yeah, it’s from the same fanmeet. Asia team went to sleep and NA team just woke up ^^;

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      I think the dance wore out the backup dancers, one of them looks like she’s gonna pass out.

      • not sure which 1 (long black hair, big eyes?) but they r in pyjamas afterall hehe.. btw what if Chrome Ent decides to form a new group with them? Backup Girls or Pyjamas Pop haha jk.. :))

        • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

          Yeah, the girl right behind Way at the end of the song. I read somewhere that the backup dancers have a group name, and other acts use them too.

          • tks! now i know they r ‘Switch’ & Yerang (the one with dimples)

        • Taylor Simon

          they are not under Chrome. https://www.facebook.com/dancerswitch

  • pic 16: looking good in ChoAdidas kekeke~ #CrayonPopPuns

  • apieth

    Will they promote Feel So Good on future?

  • NeonMoon

    it seems the twins are preparing for their showcase in Japan on Dec.19, they should perform all the songs in their album…OK n Feel So Good as dance numbers and two ballads in their white laced outfits????..Feel So Good does garner another MV..(didn’t BobGirls make MVs for their only 2 songs debut???)..yeah, BobGirls is also the opening act..Will the 4 girl backup dancers accompany them???looks scanty n skimpy with only the twins up there..maybe Bobgirls can stand in….kekeke..

  • Hector M.

    Please Chief Hwang, we need a MV of “Feels So Good” with this funny and cute choreography.