141201 Crayon Pop’s Twitter Translated


The Salvation Army performance is over! Although the snow miraculously stopped when we did the performance, but to our cold, trembling fans who were waiting in the snow early on I’m so sorry yet grateful!!! Please take care when going home^^ Let us at least have a warm winter in our hearts by participating in charity?♡-Way-

구세군 무대 마쳤어요!다행히 생방땐 그쳤지만 일찍부터 눈맞으며 추위에 떤 팬들 너무 미안하고 고마워요!!!모두 조심히 돌아가구여^^우리모두 자선냄비를 통해 따뜻한나눔으로 마음만큼은 따듯한 겨울이되어요♡-웨이-

Source: Twitter