141123 Crayon Pop on Thai TV3 Entertainment News

Crayon Pop appeared on Thai TV3 Entertainment news for a live interview. They were interviewed with questions like the reasons for guerrilla performances. They also performed ‘Bar Bar Bar’ live, before reminding viewers to wear a helmet for ‘The 7% Project‘, a nationwide campaign for increasing motorcycle helmet use.

Source: Twitter 1, Twitter 2, Crayon Pop Thailand

  • numetal_militia

    This show looks like was recorded in the 90´s!

    • CP Ranger

      240p is glorious! I tell you what young whipper snapper, I remember the days of rabbit ear antennas and banging on that old tv box just to get the static all lined up and making some sense of the picture and a fancy dial to cycle through 13 amazing channels. Oh, those were the days….lol.

      • PopjusshiG

        LOL!!!!! I remember asking my father why we didn’t have a TV with a remote, his reply was he had two remotes, my brother and me.

        • cp_whaiting


  • Sakurai

    Dat ~mumim fufrim~ ♥

  • Frothy

    LOL @ the sign-er in the corner box as their songs played. like “I’m not translating that”