141119 Strawberry Milk on Morning Wide

On 19 Nov, Strawberry Milk appeared on SBS Morning Wide with a feature of them experiencing military life. The segment aired at approximately 8:01am KST. Watch the streams either here or here. The segment has ended. If you missed it, a recorded video of it is posted below.

  • numetal_militia

    When all is lost and there’s no one else to call, humanity’s last hope will be…


    • GBuster

      You know you don’t have to add the bbcode. Just paste the image link and it will load automatically.

      • zombeck

        oh hey! you’re from entasia

  • Hector M.

    Ummmm… Manager Hwang are you thinking what I’m thinking? Crayon Pop’s next concept: Military Crayon Pop!!!! I think would be a good concept for the girls.