141116 Crayon Pop at BuBu 2014 Asian Popular Idol Concert

Crayon Pop was in Shanghai, China for the BuBu 2014 Asian Popular Idol Concert. They performed ‘Uh-ee’, ‘Dancing Queen’, ‘Saturday Night’ and ‘Bar Bar Bar’ to a 80,000 strong crowd.

Throughout the show, fans could pay to vote for their group as top artist. The top artist(s) will be invited back to China for a fanmeet. After finishing their performance, Crayon Pop was ranked #3 momentarily (though they were ranked #1 for 2 days before the show), behind #1 Shinhwa and #2 Shinee. Kim Jong Kook was trailing closely at #4 and has since taken over the #3 spot, followed by EXO M at #5.

Fancams and better quality pictures will be updated as they are released.

Source: Kpop Night