141112 Crayon Pop’s Twitter Translated

Way tweeted to cheer on students taking the SAT in Korea.

Wah It’s only one day away for the SAT!!! Our exam candidates sure had it tough during this period^^ Hard work will result in 200%
We as Crayon Pop will work hard too!!! For tomorrow, please have plenty of rest~ Have a good dream♥ Fighting><!! -Way-

와 벌써 수능이 하루앞으로 다가왔어요!!! 우리 수험생 분들 그동안 정말 고생많았구요^^ 노력의결과가 200% 나올수있도록 저희 크레용팝이 응원 많이많이 할게요!!! 내일을위해 오늘 푹~ 잘자고 좋은꿈꾸시길♥ 화이팅><!! -웨이-

Source: Twitter