141111 Strawberry Milk on SBS MTV ‘The Show’

SBS MTV The Show

At ~20:00 KST, SBS MTV will air its weekly music television program ‘The Show: All About K-pop’ (The Show).  Having delivered a terrific performance during last week’s broadcast, our very own Strawberry Milk will be returning once more to perform their current single ‘OK(오케이)’.

Strawberry Milk’s performances during this promotional period have all been fantastic.  Expect to see yet another energetic performance as these two perform on SBS MTV’s stage for the third time since their debut.   The Show’s charting system takes into account the following: Digital Sales + YouTube music video views (50%), Text votes (10%) and Tudou votes (10%)[wiki].  If you’d like to see Strawberry Milk win 1st place, there are many ways you can support them.  Additionally, if you’re currently located in Seoul, you may choose to attend the live/recorded broadcast.

Stream Information:
Time: ~20:00 KST
Restreams: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (streams may be offline)
Visit our chat HERE for information on the latest live streams OR to chat with us during the show.

Other performers include: 2AM, Acian, Big, JL, UNIQ, Gavy NJ, Laboum, Mad Town, Boyfriend, VIXX, Ieun, Jomi, Taktok, Purfles, Hot Shot, and Hello Venus

After the show, Strawberry Milk handed out a box of Pepero sticks to each fan who showed up to support them.

141111 pepero

  • commenting to favourite/bookmark this link, tks! 🙂
    ”How to apply for K-Pop Music Shows”
    ”M.net M! Count Down
    Among all the music programs in Korea ‘M.net M! Count Down’ is the
    most accessible for international residents and visitors. There is no
    registration process; guests are admitted to the studio on a first-come,
    first-served basis as space allows.”

    • It is still best to enter as part of a fandom since there’s rarely empty space.

      • hi, do u mean planning & going in together with a group of fans? sorry, I am totally new to this~!!

        • No, fans enter as a whole group/fandom. Individual idol’s Korean fan managers will be in charge of the process, along with the music show staff on the ground. Typically you will need to sign up on the fancafe of the respective group you want to enter as, and fulfill certain requirements on the actual day (such as having an album to prove that you are a fan).