141107 Strawberry Milk on KBS Music Bank


At ~18:30 KST, the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) will air its weekly music television program Music Bank.  Tonight’s lineup of performers includes once again our energetic duo, Strawberry Milk!

Strawberry Milk made their Music Bank debut stage three weeks ago, and followed up with another lively performance the following week.  Tonight’s broadcast marks Strawberry Milk’s third appearance on Music Bank as they continue promoting their current single ‘OK(오케이)‘.  Music Bank’s K-Chart takes in to account the following: Digital Music Charts (65%), Album Sales (5%), Number of times broadcast on KBS TV only (20%), and Viewers Choice Charts (10%)[wiki].  If you’d like to see Strawberry Milk win 1st place, there are many ways you can support them.  Additionally, if you are currently at or nearby Yeouido-dong, you have the opportunity to attend the live broadcast.

Stream Information:
Time: ~18:30 KST
Restreams: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (streams may be offline)
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Other performers include: BEAST, 2AM, ZHOUMI, Song Ji Eun, VIXX, Boyfriend, BTS, UNIQ, Hong Jin-Young, Topp Dogg, La Boum, A.CIAN, HOTSHOT, Hello Venus, Delight, Mad Town, and BIG