141106 Soyul’s Instagram Translated

I went there when the times were tough secretly. She played with me. My bae-bbu [best friend] >♡< I love you #7year friendship❤

내친구 미니찡과 갔었어
힘들때 몰래갔어
얘가 나 놀아줘떠
내 베뿌>♡< 사탕함
#7년 우정해❤

I’m playing by myself, eating by myself, walking by myself, just by myself. This is how you spend time by yourself Yeh~~~♡ #GuessWhereIAm

혼자놀지 혼자먹지 혼자걷지 혼자있지
이게 바로 혼자놀기의 진수지 예~~~♡

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  • Kid-Simple

    um, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf?
    do i win anything? 😉

  • robertrickett

    Is it just the light or is Soyul sporting blond hair??

    • touchthesky

      She dyed it lighter recently, and I think the lighting makes it look even lighter. She could have dyed it again though; it’s hard to tell. 🙂