141104 Strawberry Milk on Good Morning Korea

The twins of Crayon Pop subunit, Strawberry milk was interviewed on Good Morning Korea. Watch it below!

  • Wow! They were on the morning news in America BEFORE Korea??? I never knew that! lol

  • TheGreatYmmij

    Omg, when Choa became confused by her drama and called it Love School High On, rather than High School Love On, that was so cute!!! Too early in the morning to be giving interviews lol

    • Org

      Love School – High On: sounds like a good title for a Japanese pinku movie.

  • Uncle Fan

    English subs pleeeeeeeease?

    • CP Ranger

      I’m sure the wonderful and hardworking folks doing all the subbing, encoding and timing will get around to it. We just have to be patient. Or learn Korean. 😉

  • finally.. an excuse/idea for a fanvid, tks people ~:P