141030 Strawberry Milk to be on Arirang Radio K-Poppin

Crayon Pop which has appeared on Arirang Radio’s ‘K-Poppin’ program a few times will make a return now as subunit, Strawberry Milk, comprised of the twins Choa and Way. The stream begins at 12 noon KST (approximately 3 hours form this post), though the guests will usually appear at 1pm KST.

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You can tune into the stream here. We have updated it with a recorded video of the interview.

Here is a different angle of the twins singing ‘OK’.

  • just found this, SM’s OK & Hello in a K-drama.. is there an article on this? 🙂

    • Nope, not much to mention about it..

      • Erm.. ”not much to mention”? (u__u)”’
        Aww, come on, it’s 2 songs; they even played the ‘Hello’ song which is a great song, surely that is worth a mention.
        And there were 2 different CP.ME articles when CP songs were played in the background of an American drama & a Korean period-drama.. =P

        Crayon Pop’s ‘Bar Bar Bar’ played on ABC’s ‘Selfie’http://crayonpop.me/crayon-pops-bar-bar-bar-played-on-abcs-selfie/

        140817 Crayon Pop’s Bar Bar Bar remix in Historical Dramahttp://crayonpop.me/140817-crayon-pops-bar-bar-bar-remix-in-historical-drama/

        • 1st one was us breaking the news. We were the ones who informed Chrome about it before all the news outlets reported on it.

          2nd one was already reported on Korean news outlets, so we were obliged to report on it.

          This one was not really ‘news worthy’, nor did it get much media attention.

  • energy

    They mentioned the CP.me staff at the 11:30 mark

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    LOL “Chocolate Milk” with dreadlocks…