141029 Strawberry Milk on KBS Morning News Time

Crayon Pop’s subunit, Strawberry Milk comprised of the twins Choa and Way appeared on a segment of KBS Morning News Time, where they were asked about exercising, and demonstrated some stretching exercises.

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    That’s funny that at 2:34, they play a snippet of Chuck Mangione’s “Feels So Good”. I wonder if they were supposed to play Strawberry Milk’s “Feel So Good” but got mixed up?

  • Geiza Alvarez

    KKKK Way and Choa will be on the cover of November’s “Him” magazine.

  • Geiza Alvarez

    i HAVE BEEN SO EXITED because the twin

  • rdglde30

    I want to stretch with Way & Choa!!!

  • Oh my twins! ♥

  • apieth

    That announcer is famous..
    I saw him on invincible youth and human condition