141020 Soyul’s Instagram Translated

Soyul once again shared with fans the books she’s reading.

I have finished reading the friends I got to know yesterday are!♡
I really anticipate to see what growth these friends would provide me>.<
Friends always will provide me some form of growth right?
Thank you to my friends~~~♡
You guys are the existence that relieves me of my loneliness >3<
Please take care of me in the future^-^*

어제 사귄 친구들은 벌써 다 읽어버리고 새로운 친구들을 사겨왔다!♡ 이 친구들은 과연 나에게 어떤 힘이 되줄지 기대가 되율>.< 친구는 늘 나에게 힘이되주지 그치? 고마워 책친구야~~~♡ 너희는 나의 쓸쓸함을 채워주는 존재야 앞으로도 잘 부탁할게^-^*

Source: Instagram