141020 Choa’s Message on Daum Fancafe

Choa posted on the Daum fancafe with a post titling ‘Our fans♡’ thanking fans for the support and also to tell fans to dress warmer as the weather is indeed getting colder in Korea.

Due to our Strawberry Milk promotions recently, we have been spending much more time with our fan and we feel really happy!!!!
Does everyone of you feel the same too~~?? hehe
During the broadcast of our Strawberry Milk song, our fans were so reliable.♥
The fanchants were great~
Our fans are really awesome, seriously!!!!
No matter we go, our fans are the best! ^^
I’m so thankful~~♡♡♡
Today’s rain kept pittering pattering down..!
Ah so irritating~
Tomorrow we are going to Daegu for the Open Broadcast~
Hope the weather will be good~!!
The days are slowly getting colder
Everyone should wear more clothes!
Our fans are not wearing enoughㅜㅜ..
With that~~ Choa will come again! Byong♥

딸기우유 활동으로 인해
요즘 울 팬분들이랑 함께 하는 시간 더 많아져서 행복함니다아앙!!!!
여러분도 그러신가요~~??
딸기우유 음악방송때
우리 팬분들이 있어 얼마나 든든한지.♥
응원소리 대박~
우리 팬들이 짱이야 정말!!!!
어딜가나 우리 팬들이 최고다! ^^
정말 감사해요~~♡♡♡
오늘은 비가 추적 추적 옵니다..!
끄아악 시루시루~
내일은 대구 열린음악회 가는데~
날씨가 화창했음 좋겠네여~!!
날이 점점 추워지는데
여러분 옷 잘 챙겨입으세요!
우리 팬분들 옷 너무 얇게 입어 ㅜㅜ..
그럼~~ 초아 또 올게요! 뿅♥


Source: Daum Fancafe