141017 Way’s Message on Daum Fancafe

After a busy schedule for the day, Way left a message on the Daum official fancafe.

Way posted on the Daum fancafe titled “My beloved ♥”

It’s been a long time since I came to the official fancafe!!!
Today the 2nd stage for Strawberry Milk was completed!!!
Everytime I hear the fanchants, I will super superx100000 full of energy >_<
Also thank you to all the ones supporting us that we can’t see^^
I had to run to Jeongju immediately after the broadcast!!!! To not be able to greet everyone properly after it ended, I feel a sense of regret and apologize T^T ♥♥♥
The weather suddenly became colder, so wear warmer^^
Tomorrow at 3pm we will be at Sincheon handing out strawberry milk around a place with less cars, so come get it ♥
Really thank all of you every day!!! No matter when, Fighting!! ^.~ Love you^_^!!!!!Really!!!

★Crayon Pop★Strawberry Milk★Way

A h J a A h J a

오랜만에 공카에 놀러와쩌요!!!!
오늘로 딸기우유 두번째 방송을 했어요!!!
메번 응원소리에 엄청엄청x100000많은 힘을 얻는답니다>_<
보이지않는곳에서 응원해주시는 분들도 정말 감사드려요^^
저는 방송이끝나고 바로 청주에 가구있어요!!!! 오늘끝나고 바로 인사드리지못해 아쉽고 미안해요T^T ♥♥♥
날씨가 갑자기 많이 추워졌는데
두껍게 챙겨입으시궁^^
내일은 3시에 신촌 차없는거리에서 ‘딸기우유’ 를 직접 나눠드리니 많이 받으러 오세용♥ 정말 진심으로 매일매일 고맙고 감사드려요!!! 우리 언제나 화이팅!!해요 ^.~ 사랑해요^_^!!!! 진땨룽!!!


ㅇ ㅏ ㅈ ㅏ ㅇ ㅏ ㅈ ㅏ

Source: Daum fancafe