141016 Strawberry Milk’s Facebook Translated

As Strawberry Milk had their debut stage performance, we got a large number of posts on their official Facebook page!


In the end the homepage is using Strawberry Milk’s costumes~!! It’s really great!! He

결국 포털사이트를 장식한 딸기우유팩~!! 정말 대단하십니다!! ㅎ


Choa’s aegyo attack!!!

초아의 애교 필살기!!!


Wink~ Strawberry Milk Choa ^^

윙크~ 딸기우유 초아 ^^


Choa’s cellphone cover is also strawberry?? Ke Ke Ke We are all strawberries~

초아 휴대폰 케이스도 딸기네?? ㅋㅋㅋ 우리모두 딸기홀릭~


Strawberry Milk -Mnet M! Countdown Waiting Room “Way”

딸기우유 – Mnet 엠카운트다운 대기실 “웨이”

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