141016 Strawberry Milk’s Debut Stage on M! Countdown (Updated)

At 6pm KST, M! Countdown will air and Crayon Pop’s unit group, Strawberry Milk, will be debuting with their song ‘OK’. You can stream the show live at the links below!
Official Stream: Link (Requires login)
Restreams: 1, 2
Visit our chat HERE for links to the highest quality stream OR to chat with us during the show.

Strawberry Milk’s debut on M! Countdown is complete!  The twins are as cute as ever! Enjoy the sweetness below. Be sure to also check out the behind the scenes from the official Strawberry Milk facebook as well.




Credit: PlayMnet화요일방송

  • Chu Ah Chu Ah ChoA! Wow the fanchants! good job Pop-Jhussis (Milk-Jhussi?) ;p

    • StrawberryJuice

      or “Strawberry Jusshis”

      • yr username ‘strawberry juice’ is perfect for the fans!!! is that official?

  • SketchbookUA

    CPME, can you please write, how can not-Korean fans help SM to win awards on the music shows? Thanks for yor good job, guis!)

    • SketchbookUA


    • good idea~
      (p.s. u can edit yr comments on disqus)

    • Gawliq

      Buy phisical copy from sites like kpopmart. Read the “Hanteo Chart Family Shop” segment here http://kpopmart.com/cms.php?id_cms=12

    • aknite

      Other than purchasing the physical album, voting on Mnet MCountdown poll is the easiest way. We’re waiting for them to update their site so we can complete the guide

  • Hey Admin, just a suggestion, maybe change video link to the Mnet channel as it has much more views.. (17k atm) while current one only has 2k.

    • aknite

      Added it. Looks like it might be blocked in US

  • numetal_militia

    Let’s hope that the “butt part” of the choreography doesn’t get banned in future performances. It is essential 😛