141015 Strawberry Milk’s Debut Showcase

After releasing the MV and digital album at noon, Strawberry Milk held their debut show case at the Ilchi Art Hall in Cheongdam, Seoul. They appeared on stage at 4pm in their white dresses and performed a self-composed song by Way, ‘알려주세요’ (Please let me know). After watching ‘OK”s MV, the twins came back out to perform ‘OK’ in their pink outfits.

In this song, it tells of the story of tough debut the twin sisters had. Way said, “Our dreams were to become singers since we were kids. Whenever we met with hardships, we would pray to the sky asking ‘if this path was the right path’. Even after debuting as Crayon Pop, we would still do so.”

The MV and digital release happened today at noon, while the physical album will be released tomorrow on the 16th.

Source: Newsen 1, Newsen 2, Newsen 3 mydaily, Osen Daily