141008 CEO’s Instagram Translated

Having revealed the album cover for Strawberry Milk’s first mini album, CEO Hwang showed a copy of his own.


#StrawberryMilk PR edition!! Not for sale

#딸기우유 PR판!! Not for sale

CEO Hwang commented that there will be proper retail copies sold.

Source: Instagram

  • alex

    not for sale? >.<

  • Sinzz

    OMG I need that cover!!!

  • Sanny

    Jewel case? How cheap. The only jewel case kpop albums I have are the Hey Mister OST CD (not sure why i bought that) and the Taiwanese version of Streets Go Disco (wouldn’t expect much more from that country)…I have a dozen kpop albums that aren’t Crayon Pop and they all have nice photo books and packaging! Gotta say I’m disappointed….

    • georgeaspa

      Cant even read…

      the post says: “Not for sale” meaning that it’s not the retail version.

      • sanny

        You think it’s gonna be a completely different package….? The “not for sale” implies to me that it’s an early press so it’s invaluable, not that it’s inferior to the real thing.

        • georgeaspa

          Yes it will be a different package. The retail version will have all you want, a poster, polaroid photo, special thanks, etc. Does it have to be inside a diamond incrusted cd case? It’s just an early press, it doesn’t have to be super flashy.

  • i think its been 10+ years since I bought a CD… its about time huh? :))))